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Colosseum Mall Jewelry Exhchange

The Jamaica Colosseum Mall was founded in 1984. It was named after the Roman Colosseum where merchants competed to sell their goods. The Colosseum has over 120 merchants and jewelers under one roof.  The Colosseum has over 120 merchants and jewelers under one roof competing for your business, with parking on the roof.

In the 1970s, many stores in Jamaica were abandoned or burned down. The opening of the Jamaica Colosseum Mall helped spark the rebirth of one of America’s busiest shopping districts today; Jamaica. We began as an indoor flea market, but as our merchant's businesses grew they wanted permanent space and we evolved into a mix of retail stores and enough jewelers to make us “The Largest Jewelry  Exchange in Queens“ ®.

Through our doors, we have welcomed a multitude of people and we all grew together, included were rappers and hip-hop artists from LL Cool J, who filmed his music video for “Hush” here, Wu-Tang Clan, who also filmed their “Ice Cream” video here as well, to Run-DMC, Jam Master J, Jay-Z,  Fifty Cent and other artists who grew up and shopped in our stores as kids and have mentioned the Jamaica Colosseum Mall in their music. They still visit us, along with a new generation and their parents who grew up in the Colosseum.

In this modern-day when commerce is changing, there is still a place where small business owners can thrive located in the heart of the Jamaica business center is the Jamaica Colosseum Mall. A haven for small businesses to deal directly with their customers on their terms. Jamaica Colosseum Mall has not sold itself to corporate America who cannot keep up with the pulse and needs of the streets of NYC. We have been in business since 1983 and have always kept our hearts in sync with the pulse of our NYC streets. Our streets are diverse and demanding, if your business can fill a need or trend that NYC wants, then there is nothing too; small whether temporary or permanent, whereby JCM cannot not provide a brick and mortar location for your business to have access to NYC streets without a huge outlay of cash. We care about our streets, its needs, and its wants, please do not attach yourself to our business if you do not care about our community and the hard-working people who have sustained JCM for over thirty years.

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